Hand-written sign-in books dominate the front desks of most African businesses. They’re messy, inaccurate and unhelpful.

What if as a visitor, you could walk into an office and your details are already in their reception filing system? What if as a business, you could capture and store all your visitor information in a safe, secure and easily accessible way. Well, now you can with Ringit!

Ringit provides seamless visitor management solutions for a range of business needs, with 3 unique seosmart  products:

Ringit events

Our premium event management solution, providing seamless guest  registration at your events. Perfect for events organizers and managers.

Ringit biz

Designed for MSMEs – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Ringit biz is the perfect time and money-saver for you and your visitors. Giving them a personalized welcome experience.

Ringit enterprise

Ringit enterprise is a robust visitor management solution designed for public and private sector organizations doing business in Africa with a global perspective.



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